Beginning in Fall 2022, and through Spring 2024, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the philosophy department at Columbia University / Barnard College.  In June 2022, I received my PhD in philosophy from the Graduate Center CUNY, under David Papineau.  Generally, my research interests include philosophy of science, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and logic.  More specifically, I work on causation, causal models, and counterfactuals, with branching interests in modality, explanation, time, laws, properties, dispositions, and mechanisms.

My work begins by addressing a neglected question about causal models – the question of what makes a model apt.  My answer to this question motivates a novel variant of a counterfactual theory of causation that resolves the problem of redundant causation.  Details are available under ‘Research’.  Drafts of work in progress are available upon request. 

During the academic year 2020 – 21, I studied developmental psychology through the generosity of the Society of Christian Philosophers / Templeton on their Graduate Student Cross-Training Fellowship.  I plan to bring psychological research on causal and counterfactual reasoning to bear on related philosophical questions.

This is a photo of me walking along the Hudson River in Riverside Park, NYC.

Email address is jrc2266 (at) columbia (dot) edu